HBCU Wall Street
HBCU Wall Street

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Globally helping the HBCU community increase cash flow & net worth to acquire assets.

About Us

HBCU Wall Street is a grassroots organization who seeks to groom the next generation of business owners, entrepreneurs,
community leaders and thought-leaders by shaping the way they think about money, finances and accumulation of wealth and
ownership. We provide entrepreneurship and financial literacy resources such as podcasts, eBooks, networking events and a
group economics focused social community.

From Me 2 We Non Profit

From Me 2 We, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to educating and empowering underrepresented, urban communities by providing resources for technology, financial empowerment, entrepreneurship and investing. We conduct workshops, seminars and trainings on basic, intermediate and advanced levels in high schools, colleges, churches and community centers. Our events allow attendees to walk away with tools of empowerment that can aide in getting started.